Join our Fall Humpback Whale and Dolphin Watching tours in San Diego!

We LOVE fall in San Diego and so does the wildlife!
We had great biodiversity on all of our trips today!
It was grey and drizzly when the crew got to the boat this morning but just as we set out to sea the sun burned through the clouds and opened up the skies and our visibility along with it.
We found FOUR humpback whales that were feeding and cruising slowly south. We got to witness some fun behaviors from these whales! They were getting a little roly poly with each other and vocalizing or “trumpeting” over and over again.
These humpback whales were accompanied by some very gregarious Pacific White Sided Dolphins! These friendly dolphins were on a mission to splash our passengers at the bow as they repeatedly leapt high into the air just off our bow! We had a small pod of scattered commons as well. We saw all the same stuff on our second trip too save for the whale- all of our whales had disappeared but we managed to find another humpback JUST in the nick of time before heading back into the dock.

It’s spectacular out here right now!