It was REALLY nice out there today! Conditions were truly spectacular. Our afternoon trip not only had great seas, but great wildlife too! We were about 2.5 miles out when we came across a trio of slow moving gray whales. We got several great looks at them and 2 of them wanted to get a closer look at our port side! They popped up pretty close to us and it was amazing. We pushed north on the same line and found another duo of grays. We got great looks at these as well! All 5 gray whales had about 4 – 5 minute dive times and loved showing off their tail flukes. Our sunset trip had the same great conditions as the afternoon and we watched a huge fog bank slowly roll closer to the coast. We found a really small group of long beaked common dolphins. We’re starting to see some wildlife slowly trickle back in from the orca’s visits. We have one trip tomorrow afternoon and we hope to see you on it!


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