Dive into our Gray Whale Watching Excursion with 14 sightings today!

The Gray whales are HERE! We had 9 gray whales sighted on the morning trip, and 5 Gray whales on afternoon trip! During the morning trip, we went south and encountered a pod of ~15 Pacific white sided dolphin to start our trip. They were scattered all around and were likely feeding. We continued to the south and sighted spouts on the horizon! We found a single Gray whale and a cow/calf pair! The little one was so cute! We continued past the San Diego Bay and sighted a Quad pod of Gray whales and another pair of adult Gray whales. The pod of four gray whales were slowly traveling at 5mph. We got see their flukes as they went down. During the afternoon tour, we sighted TWO sets of Gray whale cow/calf pairs. The first one was seen just outside of the Mission Bay jetties. We followed it until it started to cruise through the Kelp forest outside of Sunset Cliffs. We decided to go north and found the cow/calf pair of Gray whales. The calf was squeaky clean with no barnacles or lice and about ~12 feet long. It was swam close to mom in her slipstream to conserve energy. We found another pod of ~15 Pacific white-sided dolphins under some diving birds. They were very playful as they popped up all around the boat. We found one more adult Gray whale on our way back home. Our sunset trip was great! We headed north and came across a small gray whale. We got great looks at it and it had really shallow and short dives! We had an amazing sunset while we were with this whale, and it absolutely set the scene.

Hope to see you soon!

Vanessa & Brooke