Happy Valentine’s Day From us and big blue!
We had quite the day on the water today! Started out with a gray whale just outside of mission bay. This whale was incredible unphased by our presence and never strayed from is persistent migration south! The Grays are nearing the end of a 6,000 mile swim to their breeding grounds located in the lagoons of Baja Mexico when they are passing through San Diego. This whale was coming up for 1-3 breaths before diving down and showing off its flukes.
While we were watching this gray, we spotted some commotion in the water off in the distance so we left to go investigate! We arrived on scene of a feeding frenzy! We had so many different birds, a raft of sea lions and a pod of dolphins all feasting on baitfish in one small area.
Conditions were calm and the swell was minimal, a beautiful day on the pacific!


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