We celebrated all day! We encountered Gray whales, Long-beaked Common dolphins, and Risso’s dolphins! We had an awesome morning with an epic sighting of hundreds of Long-beaked Common dolphins! They stretched over 3-miles long! They surrounded our boat while surfing in our wake and bow-riding the Privateer. We easily had a Megapod traveling to the north. Once we got to the end of pod, we noticed some taller, dorsal fins! We found a pod of ~100 Risso’s dolphins interacting and socializing with the Common dolphins! It was a special mixed-species interaction that I personally had never seen before in all my years of being on the water! We hung out with Gray whales during the entire afternoon trip! We set out to the north and sighted a Gray whale just outside of Mission Beach! Then another Gray popped up in front of us! One of the whales came up for 2 to 3 breaths with 3-5min dives. Another Gray was spotted nearby making 3 whales within a 1-mile radius! We had an amazing sunset trip! As soon as we left the Mission Bay jetties, we caught up with a TRIO of southbound Gray whales! They were slowing meandering down the coast at a very slow 2-5mph! We even witnessed the best synchronized spout-roll-dive sequence we could ever dream of! We pushed out to the west and found a couple hundred Long-beaked Common dolphins feeding under diving birds! The sunset was the cherry on the top!

Come out for a whale of time!


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