It was a Super Cetacean Saturday! We encountered multiple pods of dolphins and Gray whales across the day. During the morning trip, we set out and found a small pod of ~15 Pacific white-sided dolphins! They were feeding under some diving birds. We continued out to the drop-off and sighted a big pod of about 100 Short-beaked Common dolphins that were spread out across 1 square mile! As we cruised to the north, we spotted ~200 Long-beaked Common dolphins racing toward us. Lots of babies today!
During the afternoon trip, we set out to the west and along the way spotted 2 Pacific white-sided dolphins that hitched a ride in our wake for a bit! We continued out to the west and caught up with 2 Northbound Gray whales! One showed its tail every time it went down for its sounding dive! We had some stunning views as the snow-capped mountains from the San Bernardino Mt range were the backdrop for the Grays! On our way in we caught up with some fast moving Long-beaked Common dolphins! They almost took us to La Jolla!
Our sunset trip was gorgeous and full of wildlife! We spotted about 15 Pacific white-sided dolphins just a mile from shore. They were headed north. Out past the drop-off we sighted a MEGApod of Long-beaked Common dolphins! They were traveling steadily to the NW! We snapped some dolphin selfies, watched them surf the wake and saw tiny babies leaping beside mom! Our trip home was a show-stopper! The sunset lit up the sky like cotton candy…all flavors!

Hope to sea ya on the next one!


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