We were rockin’ and rollin’ out on the Pacific Ocean today! We pushed out to the west in search of whales and dolphins and came across Pacific white-sided dolphins and Long-beaked Common dolphins! There was about 5 Pacific white-sided dolphins slowly traveling to the north only a few miles from shore! We continued on and a small pod of about 10 individuals were spotted launching out of the water and racing toward us! They were trying to catch up with us and finally got to surf in our wake! To the west of us we sighted some major splashing! We sighted an awesome pod of ~300 Long-beaked Common dolphins cruising slowly to the south. At one point we were completely surrounded as they rode the bow, and surfed our wake. Many cow/calf pairs were sighted in the mix! They were very active and they porpoised out of the water! We had awesome views of La Jolla and down into Mexico! We got called in by our friends that there was a mystery whale sighted on our way back to Mission Bay. It seemed to have moved on, as we never got looks at it, so we headed home.