The Common dolphins were out in full force today! Everywhere we went there were dolphins spotted! Only a mile from shore, we spotted a small pod of Long-beaked Common dolphins feeding under diving birds! We continued on and found a Megapod of Common dolphins traveling to the east, coming straight for us! We got to the drop-off and spotted another huge pod of ~500 Long-beaked Common dolphins! They were so fun to watch as they raced toward us to ride the bow or surf in our wake. We sighted a few calves hanging out next to mom! We made it to 9-miles from shore when a Mystery whale surfaced nearby. We even saw its fluke prints, but it gave us the slip as we sighted a couple spouts but there saw it again. Around the same area, were a couple of pods of Short-beaked Common dolphins! We continued home with smooth seas and gorgeous views up to Torrey Pines, and down to Mexico!

We hope to see you on the next tour!


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