On today’s morning trip, we saw two pods of long-beaked common dolphins. The first pod consisted of ~200 LB common dolphins and the second pod consisted of ~100 long-beaked common dolphins. We also saw a Bryde’s whale today! It was a bit rare for us to see this species of whale during this time of year. They are a subtropical- tropical whale so typically we see them during the late summer when water temperatures are warmer than usual here in San Diego. The Bryde’s whale complex originally comprised of a single species, a Bryde’s whale. However, recent research has revealed that it consists of several different species: the original Bryde’s whale, Omura’s whale and Rice whale. Also, somewhat similar looking to a Fin whale other than its size. During our afternoon trip today we found several feeding aggregations of birds and long-beaked common dolphins!

Melissa and Ryan

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