Smooth seas, awesome visibility, and Gray whales! We had a wonderful day on both trips! We set out to the west out past the drop-off! On the morning tour, we got to the drop-off and sighted a stealthy Gray whale that was traveling north. We left it behind and continued to the west and got to 12-miles from shore! We spotted two Short-beaked Common dolphins briefly as they zoomed to the south. Out in 1600-ft of water we caught up with a Quad Pod of 4 northbound Gray whales. We got great looks at their heart-shaped spouts, back and tails! On our afternoon trip, we followed our tracks and went back out to the west and beyond the drop-off we spotted some big puffy spouts out in the distance! We enjoyed watching this pair of Gray whales travel very slowly to the north. They never went on a deep dive, we could see their blue glow as they swam subsurface. We got looks a their heads which had lots of barnacles and lice! On our way home, the views were stunning as we could down to Mexico and up to the snow-capped San Bernardino Mountains!
Sunset had lots of dolphins in store for us today! We got about 9 miles off shore and found a pod of short beaked common dolphins! These dolphins were spread out for miles! Every time we thought we lost the pod more popped up out of no where!

We’ve got a full day of trips tomorrow, I wonder what we’ll find!

Vanessa & Alison

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