Breeeeeeaaccchhhhh! We had a juvenile breaching Humpback whale! On our afternoon trip we caught up with a Gray whale just outside of the Mission bay jetties. We observed it cruising into the bay! We continued out to the west and just minutes from leaving the jetties, we sighted a spout and then the big splashes! We sighted it only ~150-feet of water, within a mile from shore! We witnessed the Humpback breaching over 30 times, we lost count! We got to see it pec slap, tail lob and chin slap over and over! It was an incredible day with lots of amazing behaviors that we cross our fingers for! The Humpback was sighted traveling south, maybe back into Mexico! We spotted the Gray whale traveling north outside of the jetties on our way back in. We have one more trip to go, so we will update you soon!