We had a SUPER Cetacean Saturday! We spent time with MULTIPLE Blue whales and Fin whales on both trip so far today! On the morning tour we were playing Whale Poker and had encountered 3 Blue whales and 2 Fin whales! They were hanging out in about 1300-ft of water! We got amazing looks at one Blue whale that popped up only 50-ft from the boat! We observed both Short- and Long-beaked Common dolphins throughout our trip! On our afternoon trip, we set out to deep water and were elated to find big spouts on the horizon! We sighted at least 2 Fin whales, and 2 Blue whales near by, with more spouts seen in the distance! At one point, we were watching a Blue whale come up for a breath, and then a Fin whale surfaced only 200-yards from it! It was incredible to see the two different species so close together! There must be lots of food for multiple whales to be hanging out in the same zone. NOW is the time to come out! We have a sunset trip today, so hope to sea you soon!

OMG BLUE WHALES GALORE! Our sunset trip was absolutely life-changing! We encountered 7 blue whales, 1 fin whale and 1 unidentified mystery whale! At one point, we were completely surrounded by blue whales. We even witnessed 4 consecutive whale flukes from 4 individual blue whales! We were just speechless! We also saw 3 Mola-molas and ~50 long-beaked common dolphins at the beginning of our trip. Dolphinitely a day to remember forever.

Vanessa and Melissa