Here at San Diego Whale Watch we love to enjoy the FINer things in life! We found the most majestic FIN whale today located past the drop-off. We also encountered several scattered pods of long-beaked common dolphins about ~100 individual dolphins found today throughout the trip. Please stay tuned for more updates from our afternoon trip!

We had an amazing afternoon trip with ~50 Long-beaked Common dolphins feeding under diving terns and pelicans! There were some tiny calves seen all around us! We continued on and found a Mola mola gulping toward Velella velella that were scattered across the ocean surface. Not too far away was a Fin whale circling around just beyond the drop-off. We got amazing looks as it spent a lot of time at the surface! We could even see its asymmetrical coloration on the lower jaw! The dorsal fin was huge! On our way in, we sighted a small pod of ~20 Short-beaked Common dolphins! We are so excited to be seeing the second largest whale in the world on most of our tours!

Melissa & Vanessa