We had another FINtastic FIN whale FRIday on the water, with Common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and a Fin whale sighted! We left the jetties and only a couple miles from shore we found a pod of ~50 Long-beaked Common dolphins! They were seen feeding under some diving birds! We got great looks at some cow/calf pairs that were seen in the mix. We continued to the drop-off and spotted a small pod of ~10-12 Offshore bottlenose dolphins cruising south. They were going down for 5-min deep dives, so we carried on to the west. We spotted a massive spout and caught up with a single Fin whale! It was slowly traveling south, when we thought it went down for a dive. It surprised us all as it turned around and made a quick close pass by our boat! We were thrilled to see it show some interest in us! We got great looks at several breath cycles that only last 7-ish minutes. One of the last cycles it turned on its side and we could see half of its tail cutting through the water! There were thousands of Velella velella and a single Mola mola seen. Hope to sea you on the next one!