We had a beautiful SAFARI on the PELAGIC Serengeti! Not only was the wildlife non-stop, there was variety! We sighted 3 species of toothed whales, and 2 species of baleen whales! On the morning trip, we set out and as soon as we touched the Pacific Ocean, we hung out with a pod of ~100 Long-beaked Common dolphins! They were feeding under diving birds! We continued up to the north, and spotted a small pod of ~30 Offshore Bottlenose dolphins! There was a small calf in the mix! We got up to La Jolla, and we hung out with a Blue whale! We got to see its beautiful flukes multiple times!

On our afternoon trip, we set out to the west and spotted a spread out pod of ~150 Long-beaked Common dolphins. They were slowly headed south, lots of babies all around. We found a big pod of ~400 Short-beaked Common dolphins being very playful and social! There were handfuls for cow/calf pairs in the mix. We got to La Jolla and spotted the same Blue whale we sighted in the morning. Then a subadult Fin whale popped nearby! As it swam away, we noticed a big reddish brown trail of whale poop! The Blue whale MUGGED us! It surfaced just 10-feet in front of our bow and completely scared us with how close and LOUD the exhalation was! The Fin whale was showing curiosity too!

We hope you’ll join us soon! The wildlife is WILD! lol

Our sunset trip was absolutely MAGICAL! We caught up with a bluetiful blue whale hanging out in about ~450 ft of water near the La Jolla Canyon. We hung out with the blue whale for 4 breath cycles and saw it raise their flukes each dive! Only about ~10% of blue whales raise their tail flukes so we were feeling extremely lucky to see it 4 times! We also saw a massive pod of ~200 long-beaked common dolphins! They were checking us out and acting super playful as they surfed in our boat’s wake. If you’re looking for a fun way to make life lasting summer memories, what are you waiting for? Please come join us on our next adventure! 🙂

Vanessa & Melissa

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June 24, 2024 21