Super socked in Saturday! Sunny San Diego has had a case of the glooms this year! That’s actually good news though! The cloudy sky keeps the ocean calm and the ride comfortable! We had a TON of common dolphin on both of our early trips today! Long beaked common dolphins love to splash around and play in our wake! The dolphins RACED to catch up to our vessel and then cruise in the pressure wave we create as we push through the water. We see dolphins often but we only see THOUSANDS on special occasions, so this was pretty magical.

We’re out for another sunset tour right now! Updates to come!

We had a FINomenal sunset trip with calm seas. It remained a bit overcast throughout our trip, however we still had incredible visibility out there. We saw several scattered pods of ~50 short beaked common dolphins near the 9-mile bank. We also saw a pod of ~50 long-beaked common dolphins further north of the drop-off.

Naturalist, Alison & Melissa

DSC9615 | San Diego Whale Watch 13
September 16, 2023 21
DSC9568 | San Diego Whale Watch 15
September 16, 2023 22
DSC9486 | San Diego Whale Watch 17
September 16, 2023 23
DSC9982 | San Diego Whale Watch 19
September 16, 2023 24
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