It was a beautiful day on the water! We also got to hang out with a Minke whale and ~500 Short-beaked Common dolphins! We set out to the west and only 3-miles from shore, we sighted a Minke whale! It popped up all around us, keeping us on our toes. At one point, we watched its fluke prints come straight for us. We waited eagerly for it surface next to us, but after about 5 min it we saw fluke prints going away from us on the other side of the boat. So it was likely scoping us out down below! We left it behind, and caught up with a huge pod of ~500 Short-beaked Common dolphins! They were very mellow at the start, but after spending time with them, they perked up. We were suddenly surprised when they stampeded all around us headed toward the coast! The seas were smooth and glassy!

Sea you tomorrow!