Exciting Marine Life Adventure: Dolphins and Minke Whale & More!

We had a beautiful day out on big blue! Gorgeous conditions the whole day and abundant life! Before we even hit the ocean, the California sea lions were playing about near the bait receiver dock and putting on quite the show! Our first trip encountered multiple pods of dolphins both long beaked commons and offshore bottlenose! The dolphins love the wake the Ohana leaves behind as we couldn’t even keep track of how many surfers we had behind us catching the wake! On our second trip we decided to head north in hopes of finding some larger marine life! We managed to find a Minke whale! The Minke gave us a few really good looks! Surfacing with a ton of gusto JUST in front of our bow! What an epic surprise! We got to see its whole face!
Anywho – its GORGEOUS out here with these Santa Ana conditions! Get out here before the rains come!
See ya soon!