Seas and Greatings! What an absolute gift today was! 🐼🍴🐬
We found Killer Whales for Christmas! We couldn’t have imagined a better gift! ( Thanks for the intel Gone Whale Watching San Diego)
We headed out to the Pacific today with high hopes but zero expectations.
We were lucky enough to watch killer whales and MULTIPLE dolphin predations! The pod celebrated by spy hoping, tail slapping and cruisng closely together tenderly sharing a meal amongst the whole pod! We even saw an identifiable dolphin liver and some entrails drifting near the bow of our boat! The adrenaline was coursing through everyone on board. We were watching a pod of 5 Eastern Tropical Pacific Orcas orcas hunt coastal bottlenose in just 36ft of water! We could make out the shocked faces of people on the shore line and the faces of a few panicked surfers paddling frantically back to shore.


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