ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It’s already one extra hour of daylight time? Man are we stoked for these longer, warmer, summery days to keep rolling in!
With more sunlight in our days, we get to spend more time out to sea and the wildlife is definitely waiting for us! We had 4 gray whales on the morning trip along with a spread out pod of sassy short beaked common dolphins!
Our afternoon trip was a FEAST for a massive pod of long beaked common dolphins, shearwaters, pelicans, gulls and sea lions – like a real life Nat Geo documentary!
We had a LONG HAUL out west on our sunset trip but the extra work paid off and we got some wonderful up close looks at a curious fin whale. This whale was SO BRAZEN about its first approach that the sound of the spout made me jump!
(Check the comments for a video of the EPIC sunset)

Naturalist, Alison

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