Ohana means family and we ran into a massive pod of long-beaked common dolphins on the Ohana today! These long-beaked common dolphins live in a fission-fusion society where the size and composition of the social group change as time passes. The pod we encountered comprised of ~300 long-beaked common dolphins. On the sunset trip, we encountered two Grey whales just outside of Mission Bay. However, they were acting a bit elusive so we wished them whale and continued our journey on the sea. It is always a fun time on the Pacific ocean with us and we hope to see you soon!


20240305 217A6234 | San Diego Whale Watch 1
March 5, 2024 7
20240305 217A6028 | San Diego Whale Watch 3
March 5, 2024 8
20240305 217A6293 | San Diego Whale Watch 5
March 5, 2024 9