We had a Fabulous Fin whale Friday with encounters with some very curious Fin whales! During the afternoon trip, we set out toward the west and sighted 3 Fin whales! They gave us some great looks as they cruised near our boat! During our sunset trip, we started our trip before we left the dock! We were pleasantly surprised to see some fast-moving bottlenose dolphins in Quivira Basin! Once we got out to the Pacific Ocean, we encountered a big pod of ~100 Long-beaked Common dolphins racing around feeding under diving birds! We saw many cow/calf pairs all around. We set out to the west and could see spouts more than a few miles out! Due to the low angle of the sun, the spout are illuminated beautifully! We got the drop-off and hung out with 2 curious Fin whales that popped up all around us in close proximity! We enjoyed the gorgeous sunset on the way home!

Now is the time to come out! The wildlife is on fire!

Ryan & Vanessa