Fin whales are in San Diego! We hung out with a Fin whale on each tour we had today! We started our day with a Fin whale on the morning trip! It was hanging out on the drop-off! We had pretty good looks considering it was a bit bumpy on the trip! We finished the day with lots of wildlife seen on our sunset trip! We set out to the west, with our bow pointing towards the sun! Just beyond the drop-off, Captain John spotted a pod of Risso’s dolphins! They were seen traveling south in echelon formation! That’s when they are lined up side-by-side! We had some curious Risso’s popping up next to us! They went on a mini deep dive staying down for about 5-min and then surfacing south of us. We continued on to the west, because we spotted a huge tall columnar spout lingering in the air! We caught up with our second Fin whale of the day! It passed by our bow only 25-feet from the boat! We had a smooth ride home, a nice break from the bumpy seas. We enjoyed the gorgeous sunset, a green flash, and the SpaceX satellite launch!

Sea ya on the next one!

Ryan & Vanessa