Participating in an excursion that allows you to get up and personal with marine life, such as a whale watching boat tour in San Diego, is an excellent opportunity to better understand the intricate relationships between marine creatures and people. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up and personal with a marine species in its natural habitat. You have a good chance of seeing a whale, dolphin, sea lion, or any of the about seventy other species of animals that make their home in this area any time of the year you decide to go on a whale watching boat tour.


Spending time on the open ocean has been shown to have positive psychological and physiological effects from interacting with different species of wildlife. Being in touch with nature, lowering stress levels, and stimulating intellect are fantastic benefits of whale watching boat tours in San Diego’s best spots.

What Kind of Boat Is Best for Whale Watching?

If you are going to enjoy a whale watching boat tour in San Diego on a huge vessel, it may be easier to get a good look at the marine life below if you get there early and stake your claim on one of the prime viewing areas. You must get there early to get a good look at the marine life below. Due to the fact that the rigid inflatable boat can only accommodate a maximum of 12 passengers, the whale watching boat tour in San Diego that will depart will never need you to compete with other guests for great viewing positions. 


You will be given a thermal suit and a life jacket to stay warm and easily safe. This whale watching boat tour in San Diego is a great place to get up and personal with marine life. The rigid inflatable boat is large enough to accommodate twelve people, and the scenery is breathtaking. You would have the complete attention of your guide, in contrast to the situation in which they would simultaneously be driving the boat. Since there is a wide range of tour schedules, you should be able to choose one that is convenient for your schedule.

When Is the Best Season to Take a Whale Watching Tour in San Diego? 

There is no doubt that whales are beautiful animals. Although it is possible to experience a whale watching boat tour in San Diego at any time of the year, the ideal time to go is between December and April, when more than 20,000 gray whales begin their yearly journey down the coast. 


It is strongly advised that appointments for whale watching boat tour in San Diego be scheduled at least a few weeks in advance. San Diego has become a popular location for whale watchers during this time. There are two other kinds of whales that may be seen at any time of the year: the blue and fin whales.  

Do Whales Know to Avoid Boats?

It’s possible that whales are unaware of the boat’s presence in their environment. Since hearing is one of their most developed senses, they rely significantly on it while trying to identify vessels in the water. They usually steer clear of ships unless they are very quiet. There is no quiet besides the water. It would seem that whales have the ability to “tune out” or ignore reoccurring noises, such as the buzz of an approaching ship. There are instances when it looks as if whales are unable to identify that ship out in the distance.


If a whale unexpectedly comes in the path of the ship, you will need to determine the animal’s planned course to come up with a suitable reaction. You should try to navigate behind the whale most of the time. Even a little reduction in speed upon first seeing the whale might make the difference between hitting and missing the animal.