Due to the many whale species’ migratory patterns, it is possible to go private whale watching in San Diego almost all year round. Everyone deserves to witness these beautiful animals in their natural environment at least once in their lifetime. All year long, take in the wonder of whale migration! There are several ways to experience these majestic animals off the coast of San Diego, whether you want to get up close and personal or observe whales from the shore.


What Else Can Guests Expect On A Private Whale-Watching Tour In San Diego?

Private whale watching in San Diego Mission Bay is the departure point for our seasonal whale-watching tour. Enjoy your coffee on the deck in the morning and keep watch with the skipper. When there is enough wind, this excursion is totally by sail, so relax on board without the droning sound of an engine while we journey to wherever the whales may be!


On your whale-watching trip, you’ll enjoy more than just breathtaking views of San Diego’s coastline and a close-up glimpse of whale breaches. To give guests a genuinely meaningful experience, your skipper will also impart exciting information on the whale population and their habitat while you’re on board.


Are Private Whale-Watching Tours More Expensive Than Group Tours?

Due to the luxury, convenience, and individualized attention they provide, private tours are likely significantly more expensive. This is somewhat true, as private whale watching in San Diego can frequently cost more than group tours, but it’s only sometimes the case. Booking a private tour instead of separately purchasing each seat on a group tour might be more cost-effective when traveling with family or friends. While group excursions are ideal for those on a limited budget, they are often the most expensive option. In these circumstances, the major factor at work is economies of scale, where visitors may benefit from the savings made possible by pooling resources.


It’s essential to remember that this depends on how many people are at your party. When compared to the per-person cost of a group tour, for instance, people traveling with friends or family may discover that the price of a private trip can be the same or even less.


What Type Of Whales Can Be Seen On A Private Whale Watching Tour In San Diego?

Joining a private whale watching in San Diego is the best option if you’re searching for a thrilling adventure. An expert team of marine scientists and a welcoming crew will provide an enjoyable, instructive experience that will leave you with lifelong memories. All year long, you may view a variety of whale species; you never know what entertaining creatures you’ll spot playing in the water! You will be enthralled by the fantastic whales throughout your trip, and you may get to witness any of these five kinds of whales off the coast.  


Pacific Gray Whale 

The Pacific Gray Whale, which can reach weights of up to 40 tons and has a length of 30 to 50 feet, has been spotted about half a mile from the bay! These powerful animals migrate 10,000 miles annually from Alaska to Mexico from December through April to give birth to their calves.  


Great Blue Whale 

The Great Blue Whale, which reaches 90 to 100 feet and weighs up to 200 tons, is the largest creature known to have existed on Earth. You may enjoy private whale watching in San Diego from May through November to witness their migration.


Mighty Fin Whale 

The Great Blue Whale is its closest relative in size and weight, while the Fin or Finback Whale is one of the swiftest large whales. The Mighty Fin Whale, known as the “greyhound of the sea” for its speed, can go up to 23 mph!

Minke Whale 

The Minke Whale feeds on the nearby California shores and is often 5 to 9 miles offshore. They are usually black, gray, or purple in appearance, and the white band on each flipper helps to differentiate them from other whales.


Humpback Whale 

The Humpback Whale, so named because of the prominent hump it develops when it arches its back before diving deeply into the water, is most renowned for its extraordinary acrobatic skills and eerie, melodic sounds.