Did someone say Tuna Tuesday? We encountered various bait balls throughout our afternoon and sunset trips today. We also saw some yellowfin tuna and lots of bird activity! We also saw various pods of long beaked common dolphins. About ~450 individual long-beaked common dolphins during our afternoon trip. We also saw one common minke whale. For our sunset trip, we sighted ~400 long-beaked common dolphins. We enjoyed a very peaceful sunset on our way back to Quivera Basin.


DSC9052 | San Diego Whale Watch 1
September 12, 2023 11
DSC9027 | San Diego Whale Watch 3
September 12, 2023 12
DSC9108 | San Diego Whale Watch 5
September 12, 2023 13
217A3198 | San Diego Whale Watch 7
September 12, 2023 14
217A3357 | San Diego Whale Watch 9
September 12, 2023 15