Our whale wishes have been granted! The Pacific Ocean had us on our toes all afternoon! We spotted multiple baleen whales and toothed whales today. We headed up west and then up north closer to La Jolla. We saw 4-5 baleen whales, a mixture of Bryde’s whales and Fin whales. The Bryde’s whales were being fairly elusive so it was difficult to track their movements. However, we were able to get great close up looks at a Fin whale. Also seeing multiple spouts off in the distance. We sighted a pod of ~100 short-beaked common dolphins as whale. We also saw some tuna, several bait balls and various sea birds. Looking forward to our sunset trip so please stay tuned.

For our sunset trip, we quickly caught up with a massive pod of ~300 long-beaked common dolphins. They were being curious and playing with our boat’s wake and surfing our bow. Then, we travelled further west and headed south in the direction of Cabrillo National Monument, where we found another pod of ~150 short-beaked common dolphins. We also enjoyed a beautiful sunset on our way back to Quivera Basin which was the cherry on top of a SEAsational day on the water.