It was so beautiful out there! We caught up with 2 Southbound Humpback whales and a pod of ~75 Short-beaked Common dolphins! After leaving the jetties, we had planned to zoom out to deeper water, but along the way, only a couple of miles from shore, a passenger noticed some flukes AKA a whale’s tail! We got great looks as they surfaced for a few breaths and went down from 5-7min dives. We got looks at their flukes on almost every dive! We cruised out to the SW and sighted ~75 Shorties! It was an awesome nursery pod! There had to be at least 20 cow/calf pairs! And they were tiny! We were seen all around us! A few porpoised and breached! We cruised back in and enjoyed the sights! Our visibility was amazing! We could see all the way down to Tijuana, MX and up to La Jolla! A mola mola was sighted along the way too!

We heard there were more Humpback whale sightings out there, so now is the time to catch up with these beauties!