Join our Dolphin Watching Experience! Get up close with playful Common and majestic Bottlenose dolphins.

We made friends with some Common and Bottlenose dolphins on today’s trip! They were so fun to hang out with! As soon as they noticed us about a 1/4 mile away, they zoomed over toward us! The first place they went was the bow and then our wake! There were a couple cow/calf pairs in the mix which made it fun to try to guess where they would pop up next! We There were about ~150 Long-beaked Common dolphins in all. We continued to the south and sighted about 20 mini spouts all together. We caught up with a pod of ~30 Offshore bottlenose dolphins! It’s always exciting to see the size difference between the 6-8ft Common dolphins and the ~13-ft Bottlenose dolphins. They went down for mini dives along the drop-off which meant they were probably feeding down below.

Sea you on the next one!