Experience an unforgettable Gray Whale Watching Adventure with us!

Our morning trip was a huge success! We headed out in search of some active wildlife and were not disappointed. We found a pod of about 200 common dolphins, mostly made of cow calf pairs! We got to watch them feed under hundreds of diving birds. They were racing to the south and we followed. On our way, we found a single adult gray whale and got some great looks. It raised its fluke on just about every dive! Our afternoon trip had some great luck too! We came across a group of about 20 pacific white sided dolphins who were really excited to see us. After that, we found another single adult gray whale that also liked showing off its fluke! Our sunset trip started out really rainy but dried out as we pushed to the south. We started our trip with at least 10 inshore bottlenose dolphins at the mouth of the jetties, welcoming us to the Pacific. We pushed south west and found a single gray whale. It wasn’t super surface active and actually gave us the slip but we got to see it’s tail a few times. We moved towards the coastline and found a juvenile gray whale, we’re thinking it might have been Junior. This whale was on a mission down to the south so we waved goodbye and let is continue on it’s way. We got really lucky and found a third whale and this one put on a great show! On our last looks, this gray whale stayed up for about 10 breaths and gave us the most glorious wave goodbye. Gray whale season is really picking up, make sure to get out with us before it ends!

Vanessa & Brooke