Is the ocean a massive soup bowl teeming with life? We had such an action packed day today from start to FINish! During our morning trip, we encountered about ~150 long-beaked common dolphins scattered throughout the trip. We also sighted a Common Minke whale! We got several looks with the Minke whale. It is the second smallest baleen whale, after the dwarf sperm whale. Soon after, we saw a massive spout from a Fin whale! We hung out with the Fin whale for multiple breath cycles as well. Fin whales are the second largest baleen whale after the mighty Blue whale!

Our afternoon trip was just as action packed! We encountered a massive bird pile and spotted a large pod of ~200 long beaked common dolphins. Once we reached the drop-off, we sighted two spouts off in the distance from a pair of Fin whales. As the two fin whales went down for a dive, we sighted another spout from a mystery whale! This whale raised their flukes and went down for a dive. Once we got a few good looks with the pair of Fin whales, we tried to catch up with the mystery whale. We never got another look at the mystery whale, however it led us to FIN WHALE GALORE. Before we knew it, we were completely surrounded by multiple fin whale spouts. We saw ~6 Fin whales just in that general area. They were even synchronizing their breaths! Every trip is different as we never know what we will find out in the Pacific Ocean. However, it is always an exciting time on the water! Please join us soon!


20240416 217A6201 | San Diego Whale Watch 1
April 16, 2024 11
20240416 217A6331 | San Diego Whale Watch 3
April 16, 2024 12
20240416 217A6558 | San Diego Whale Watch 5
April 16, 2024 13
20240416 217A6624 | San Diego Whale Watch 7
April 16, 2024 14
20240416 217A6883 | San Diego Whale Watch 9
April 16, 2024 15