On top of some great visibility this morning, we enjoyed a trip full of dolphin action! We jump started the morning with a large feeding frenzy of sea birds, California Sea Lions and Pacific White-Sided Dolphins. We only observed the Pacific White-Sided Dolphins for a brief amount of time before spotting a larger pod of Long-Beaked Common Dolphins that were feeding nearby. The dolphins worked cooperatively to school bait together and showed off their bright bellies as they maneuvered around the fish. There were countless calves in the pod, either solitary or accompanied by a female. Despite being in hunting mode, the pod took a break from foraging to interact with The Privateer and surf with us. Further offshore, we also encountered a fun pod of Short-Beaked Common Dolphins! We covered nearly 32 miles of water today as we searched for wildlife. No signs of of the Blue Whale from yesterday but we will be on the lookout for them and all species throughout the weekend. Luckily for you, we have PLENTY of spots available on the boat for both Saturday and Sunday. See you on the water! Trash/recyclables: 1 bundle of latex balloons