Humpback whale watching tours are the most popular among whale watching tours. One explanation for this is that their yearly migratory paths are extensively documented. You can dependably meet them at a specific location and time. Another important reason is that humpback whales are excellent acrobats, vocalists, and hunters.


Moreover, humpbacks are curious animals and very open-minded about boats and the people aboard them. They will sometimes approach to have a better look at their guests. Humpback whales like breaching and can easily fling their 30-ton bodies into the air. The entire whale is often seen before collapsing into the sea on its side. Humpback whales always lift their fluke when diving, which is unique in form and color to each animal. On well-organized humpback whale watching tours, you will receive further information about the creatures seen, right on board.


What Is the Best Humpback Whale Watching Tour?

Though it is home to various sea lions, dolphins, and birds, the most famous creatures in San Diego are whales. It’s hardly surprising that the city offers unparalleled possibilities to see these gentle giants. Choose humpback whale watching tours as the finest example for whale viewing after evaluating both passenger and expert views. 


These excursions include skilled crews that provide information on the species met during these aquatic trips.

Sail San Diego

Sail San Diego offers customized small-group tours for couples and families. Six persons per whale-watching sail go into the bay or open water. Reviewers characterize the captains as courteous, helpful, amusing, and accommodating.

Adventure R.I.B. Rides

This military-style rigid inflatable boat excursion offers whale and dolphin sightings, city skyline, and Point Loma Lighthouse views. The trips are year-round. However, the whale species vary. Humpback, fin, and bottlenose dolphins are year-round residents.

San Diego Whale Watch

These two-and-a-half-hour humpback whale watching tours are led by a qualified marine biologist, ensuring that sea life aficionados learn everything they can about the whales, dolphins, and other species they’ll encounter. Customers love the knowledgeable commentary provided by the pleasant crew members.


Flagship Cruises & Events

These humpback whale watching tours seek to be both instructive and entertaining. Reviewers frequently indicate that it excels in all areas, with the crew receiving acclaim for their knowledge and friendliness.

What Are Some Tips for Whale Watching?

If you’ve never gone on humpback whale watching tours, start by reading a whale watching handbook. It informs you of everything you need to know before you go. If narrating whale stories is an old hat, the guide will remind you of what you enjoy about seeing the world’s most giant sea creatures. So, here are five professional pieces of advice for your next whale watching vacation in San Diego.

Pack Your Patience

Even if you don’t see any whales, there’s a good chance you’ll see other types of marine life, as any knowledgeable person would tell you. So as you wait to see a whale, maintain your patience and look around the ocean for things like leaping fish, dolphins, and aquatic birds.

Arrive at the Appropriate Time

If it’s a good deal on whale viewing you want, a seasoned traveler knows to go at the proper time of year. Grey whales travel between the middle of December and the beginning of April between Alaska and Baja, California. In contrast, blue whales feed just off the coast of California from the middle of June until the beginning of September.

Don’t Wear Shorts Outside

When going whale watching, one of the most crucial pieces of advice is to save your tank tops for the beach and dress in layers while you are out on the boat. A lightweight jacket is going to be your best ally. Your kayaking tour will likely provide you with a wetsuit, and it is strongly recommended that you use it.

Think About Things Other Than Boat Tours

There are various ways to explore the Pacific Ocean in search of finned buddies. However, whale-watching boat trips are probably the most frequent approach to seeing whales in their native environment.

Nevertheless, there are other ways to explore the ocean. You may also experience a private kayak tour or an ocean raft adventure by launching yourself from the shores of La Jolla in a smaller vessel and going out on the water.

What Time of the Year Is Good for Humpback Whale Watching Tours?

June through October are often considered whale-watching season, but any time of year is a terrific opportunity to get up and personal with these gentle giants. It is always possible to witness everyone’s favorite airborne behavior, which is when whales blast their complete bodies out of the water in a magnificent breach.