Happy hump day! Today’s grey skies matched our friendly Grey whale friends! The ocean was a bit quiet for most of our morning trip. We headed out west and then southbound towards the 9-mile bank. We thought all of the cetaceans were taking a day off today, but just in the nick of time, we found all the marine mammals hanging out close to Point Loma! We found a scattered pod of ~100 long-beaked common dolphins. We also found 2 grey whales, who were traveling side by side. We saw their flukes come up several times. We also witnessed a super cool feeding frenzy!

For our sunset trip, we headed back south and encountered the same 2 grey whales not far from the coast, this time they were closer to Cabrillo National Monument. On our way back to Mission Bay, we spotted a single spout far out in the distance however, we were rushing against daylight and the incoming storm. Looking forward to the rest of Grey whale season this winter!


Happy hump day!
Happy Hump Day - December 20, 2023 24
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Happy Hump Day - December 20, 2023 25
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Happy Hump Day - December 20, 2023 26
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Happy Hump Day - December 20, 2023 27
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Happy Hump Day - December 20, 2023 28