What an AMAZING day! Stampeding dolphins and BLUE WHALES made for an incredibly successful day on the water. We spent the majority of our morning smack-dap in the middle of STAMPEDING Common Dolphins! Multiple stampeding sub-pods, near and far, surrounded us. Mating pairs and calves were seen within each group. We waited around for a mystery whale, after we caught a quick look at two spouts. After giving up, we turned toward home and re-spotted the spouts of…TWO BLUE WHALES! This pair traveled southward in very close proximity to each other and one was significantly smaller than the other..possible cow-calf pair?! We are so happy to have seen Blue Whales after so long spent without them!

On the afternoon trip, we searched far and wide for the morning blues. We did not relocate them but we did find an amazing few pods of Common Dolphins that rode out the afternoon with us. Overall, we had an unforgettable day. Could the Blue Whales be starting some movement down south? Maybe this pair is just the beginning! See you on the water, whale watchers.