We were rockin’ and rollin’ aboard the Privateer today! Bumpy seas mixed with incredible sights made for a FUN day! During the morning trip, we encountered several California sea lions that came over to check us out. We set out toward the West and found an awesome pod of ~200 COMMON dolphins! Several cow/calf pairs were seen swimming alongside the boat. Many behaviors were seen by these acrobatic dolphins! They breached and porpoised near the vessel. Guests got great looks as they bow-rode at the front of the boat. To top off the trip, we found an energetic small pod of ~5 PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED dolphins! They were seen really spread out and headed toward the South. We saw them riding our bow and surfing in the rolling waves. During the afternoon cruise, we were pleasantly surprised to find the SECOND single GRAY WHALE of the season! Funny thing, we sighted the first Gray whale, exactly one week ago, on Saturday, during the afternoon cruise! Today, we were headed out of the Mission Bay channel and sighted the spout less than 1-mile away! We watched the early Southbound migrator as it traveled slowly (~2-3kts), along the coastline. It surfaced several times, as well as went for deeper dives. Tail flukes were seen as it raised them up just inches above the ocean surface. This Gray whale has us excited for the upcoming season…approaching fast! We hope to see you soon! -Vanessa