Any day that you encounter two different species of toothed whale is a great day! We started off our morning trip with quite the bump out of the jetties but we were pleasantly surprised with how nicely the ocean smoothed out as we traveled to the west. As soon as we neared the drop off, a pod of Common Dolphins caught our eyes as we were scanning the water in the wheelhouse! We lucked out because it was an enthusiastic pod, full of courtship and boat-friendly behavior. Soon after we left the Common Dolphins behind, a mystery splash convinced us to make a quick turn…right into a large, scattered pod of Pacific White Sided Dolphins! This group was quite elusive, and included one individual with a deformed dorsal fin (see photos). Despite their disinterest in us, we caught some more luck on our way back to land. A second pod of Pacific White Sided Dolphins came right up to The Privateer to escort us toward the jetties. What a treat! We are happily welcoming back this beautiful species to San Diego waters. Come hang out with us on Tuesday to see what else we can find!