It was another great day on the water, spent with two different species of toothed whale! Not too far off the coast of La Jolla, we encountered some inter-species mingling between scattered pods of both Pacific White Sided Dolphins and Common Dolphins! In total, we estimate that we found ~30 Pacific White Sided and ~10-15 Common Dolphins. Both species were highly interactive with The Privateer. There were even a few instances of bow-riding from both species..together! It made it easy for our passengers to decipher between the appearance of each type of dolphin, as they swam side-by-side closely to the boat. While traveling between aggregations, we drove through multiple feeding frenzies, full of dolphins and diving birds! We metered dense balls of bait and even caught a few glimpses of bait bubbling up to the surface. Life is definitely thriving in The Pacific lately! What are you waiting for?! We hope to see you on the water with us soon.