Our list of sightings for the day nearly took up an entire page in the log book! TWENTY southbound Gray Whales were spotted between two trips and the toothed whales were also out to play! On our first trip of the day, we encountered one single, one pair and one quad of Gray Whales heading down the coast. In between some incredible baleen whale encounters, we enjoyed numerous scattered pods of Common Dolphins and Pacific White-Sided Dolphins throughout the morning. In total, we found ~30 Common Dolphins and ~15 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins.
In the afternoon, we spotted THIRTEEN Gray Whales! Spouts were visible all around the boat throughout the entire three-hour trip. We observed singles, duos, a trio and one quad of migrating whales. Countless sets of flukes were seen lifting out of the water and we were lucky enough to see some rolling (potential courtship) behavior between two separate pairs! This second trip was also filled with many scattered pods of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins and Common Dolphins. We found ~20 and ~60 of each species, respectively. The cetacean action was NON-STOP all day and we loved every second of it! If you don’t have any plans for tomorrow, we encourage you to hang out with us on The Privateer in search of some more amazing sightings! See you on the water, whale watchers!