It was a great day to be on the water! We had encounters with both toothed and baleen whales. During the morning trip, we searched far and wide to find wildlife. We ventured out to the NW until we reached the drop-off. We sighted several thousand seabirds feeding. We continued to the North and found ourselves in La Jolla. A harbor seal was seen resting at the surface. On our way to the South we found a nice pod of ~30 Pacific white-sided dolphin! They were very surface active and inquisitive. We sighted them leaping out of the water several times. A few cow/calf pairs were also seen in the mix. As we continued back toward the Mission Bay jetties, a single Northbound Gray whale popped up near us. We were lucky enough to get some looks before heading back to the dock. Another Northbound Gray whale was quickly sighted behind us that even flashed us its flukes. A trio of Inshore Bottlenose dolphin were seen near the mouth of the channel. They surfed in our wake. During the afternoon cruise, we set our course for the West. Along the way, we sighted a spout but nothing more. After traveling almost 6-miles from shore many birds were seen feeding at the drop-off. While cruising along, a passenger sighted a whale! We waited for it to re-surface but no luck. Finally, after turning to the coast, a pair of Gray whales were seen! They were zig-zagging to the North. We got great looks as they stayed at the surface for most of our time spent with them. One gray whale, in particular had a lot of barnacles and lice. In the end, they surprised us with a nice flash of their flukes before going for a deep dive. Near the coast, right outside of Sunset Cliffs, we sighted a very active pod of Pacific white-sided dolphin preying upon small schooling fish. A couple of California sea lions were seen with them as they traveled fast trying to keep up! Trash/Recyclables: One Mylar balloon successfully retrieved! Overall, it was a wonderful time on the Pacific! We have plenty of seats tomorrow and into the weekend! Hope to see you on the water!