It was an incredible day full of action on the Privateer! As soon as we left the jetties, we encountered an amazing pod of ~5-8 Inshore Bottlenose dolphins! They came over and swam beside the boat and also hitched a ride by bow-riding the Privateer. We even saw some hunting behavior. Not too far away, a small pod of ~15 Pacific white-sided dolphin that were also in hunting mode. They were chowing down on sardines. Then all of sudden, a Gray whale popped up nearshore. At first, this Gray whale was headed North but quickly changed direction and went South. Taking the hint that maybe the whale didn’t want to be followed, we continued out to the West. While almost 5-miles from shore we found thousands of birds resting at the surface. We traveled to the North toward La Jolla and found a pod of ~10 Common dolphin. On our way back to the dock, we found a Gray whale that was initially spotted headed North. It changed direction and went to the SE. We ended the trip with a flash of tail flukes! Trash/Recyclables: ZERO! It was another successful day on the water, hope you come out soon! -Vanessa