It was a beautiful morning on The Pacific and the wildlife did not disappoint! We experienced non-stop cetacean action today. One Gray Whale was spotted, heading south on the way Mexico. Initially, we thought a second whale had been spotted but we later concluded that the first individual was simply being inconsistent in its travels. He/she even took a brief break from its migration to roll around with Pacific White-Sided Dolphins! The Gray Whale was fairly boat-friendly and showed an investigative approach to the boat when we first encountered it. Countless pods of dolphins were observed throughout the entire trip. In total, we cruised through ~300 Common Dolphins and ~30-40 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins. A few small feeding frenzies were also seen, including sea birds, California Sea Lions and both species of dolphin. Overall, it was a great day of whale watching. Let’s do it again tomorrow! See you on the water, whale watchers!