It was a gorgeous Saturday on The Pacific, FILLED to the brim with Common Dolphin action! On our morning trip, we encountered two large pods amounting to ~500-600 Common Dolphins in total! We spotted a few young calves and had an amazing time watching them interact with the boat and leap out of the water, feet into the air! In addition to the condensed groups we had spent most of our time with, we noticed a lot of activity from more and more dolphins around us that we did not have the time to observe. It is always a good trip when you’re completely surrounded by splashing dolphins!

The Common Dolphin action carried into our afternoon trip with an exciting pod of ~200-300 individuals. They launched themselves into the air and showed non-stop interest in the boat. As if the incredible behaviors we witnessed weren’t enough, everyone on board was able to see a large group of newborn calves as they swam closely together beside the boat. We spotted dozens of babies this afternoon! Further offshore, we also encountered a northbound Gray Whale cow-calf pair. We were able to get a few good looks at the pair, despite the fact that they kept a fairly low profile during our visit. The conditions on the water were just as great as our sightings today. Tomorrow shouldn’t be any different! See you on the water, whale watchers.

Trash/recyclables collected: 1 mylar balloon and 1 mass of plastic material