Meh. Nothing much of note today – just another TWENTY gray whales spotted! In the morning we had 9 gray whales, 40 common dolphins, and one very cool bird sighting – a dark morph Pomarine jaeger! These predatory birds aren’t seen very often on our trips, and the one we saw today briefly harassed a Western gull before taking flight.

In the afternoon we saw 11 more gray whales including two separate trios of amorous gray whales displaying brief courtship behavior.

In addition to our sightings today, we also received word from a local orca researcher that a pod of killer whales was spotted just 200 yards off of Point Loma yesterday morning!!! Could killer whales be in the area? We’ll certainly be on the look out!


common 1.18 commons 1.18 dark morph Pomarine jaeger 1.18 gray blow 1.18 gray fluke 1.18 gray fluke 2 1.18 gray fluke 3 1.18