A tale of two trips:

In the morning we had great whale sightings – 9 gray whales all traveling together, courting, fluking, and even breaching! At one point they went down for a longer dive (nearly 10 minutes), and while we were waiting for them to surface in the distance where they were last seen, they shocked us all by popping up just 30 yards or so from the vessel! We stopped, let them pass, and got great video of their loud exhalations.

The afternoon trip offered guests a surreal dreamscape with flat, glassy seas and colorful skies, but there was not a gray whale to be seen! This was purely a fluke (no pun intended), as we’re still in peak gray whale season, it just wasn’t our afternoon. To make amends, however, the ocean did provide us with a pod of at least 100-200 common dolphins that we got to see not once, but twice. It was still a beautiful trip, and guests were given 50% off passes to come back and join us again in the search for grays!

See you tomorrow,


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