Today we were joined by several young guests that specifically requested dolphins and fortunately, the Privateer is very good at finding them!

We had three different dolphin species today. In the morning we saw 200 common dolphins and a couple of Pacific white-sided dolphins feeding along with some California sea lions.

In the afternoon we started the trip off with 4 inshore bottlenose in Mission Bay, followed by another handful of Pacific white-sided dolphins and 200 more feeding common dolphins! Other notable sightings included several brown boobies feeding near the dolphins in the morning and a brief glimpse at a minke whale.

We are sold out on the Privateer for tomorrow but overflow trips on the Eclipse have been added! Call (619) 224-3383 to snag a spot!



PWS 3.30 bottlenose 3.30 Common dolphin and black-vented shearwater 3.30 commons boat 3.30 common 3.30 commons 3.30