Friendly fins and gallivanting grays – it was a great day for whale-watching today!

After a few days of bumpy seas, things have calmed and it should be smooth sailing for the rest of the week! We were greeted this morning by six inshore bottlenose dolphins right outside of the jetties. We then went a whopping ten miles offshore to find at least three fin whales that were not shy in the least. They circled around, investingating the vessel, for quite a while until it was time for us to say goodbye. On the way home we also had the opportunity to see about 300 common dolphins.

In the afternoon, we kept things closer to home, with a herd of at least seven northbound gray whales with multiple calves present. At one point the group stopped and allowed the calves to interact. We saw lots of tails, pectoral flippers, and at least 15 breaches from one particularly energetic baby!

We took a lot of photos today. Here are the cream of the crop!

The Privateer will be down Wednesday and Thursday for routine maintenance, but the Eclipse will still be taking out passengers. Visit to make your reservations, but hurry, spots are going fast!



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