Today was one of those great days when we saw so many whales and dolphins we just simply couldn’t keep track.

In the morning we saw *at least* 9 blue whales and about 300 common dolphins. In the afternoon there were, at minimum, 10 more blue whales and 500-600 common dolphins. The seas were choppy, but it allowed for the opportunity to see dolphins right at home playing in the surf, and the blue whales seemed to be fluking more than usual too!

There aren’t many spots left for tomorrow so if you want to join us, book in advance. Don’t miss the boat!



common 8.4 common boat 8.4 common 2 8.4 blue fluke 8.4 blue 8.4 blue fluke 2 8.4 common boat 2 8.4 common 3 8.4 blue spout 8.4