I’m not sure where to begin today…it was quite the experience! We encountered 4 species of baleen whale and 2 types of dolphins today.
Our morning trip saw 4 northbound gray whales (2 cows/ 2 calves). We also saw 2 fin whales that gave us some great looks.
Our afternoon cruise was one of the few cruises that I’ve been on that saw 4 species of baleen whales in 3 hours. We started off by seeing 1 lone bottlenose dolphin in the jetties. Captain Ping saw spouts in the distance. We got out there to find a blue, 2 fins, and 4 humpback whales all around the same area feeding. It was quite the show! I wasn’t sure which direction to look. A few hundred common dolphins escorted us as we bounced from whale to whale. We ended up getting amazing views of each species before encountering a gray whale on the way back to mission bay.


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