Looks like the Humpback Whales are sticking around off the coast of San Diego, and boy are they hungry! The morning trip saw scattered pods of about 500 Common Dolphins that were actively feeding. We also saw a Humpback Whale, mixed in with lots of different birds, the Common Dolphins, and some California Sea Lions. It was quite the feeding frenzy, and we were lucky to have our Humpback come up in a predictable pattern, which was always where the birds were. On our way back into Mission Bay, we saw another pod of Common Dolphins and a Humpback Whale spout in the distance. The second trip was almost identical to the morning, but not as much feeding action. We saw a big nursery pod of over 600 Common Dolphins. There were lots of calves mixed in and a variety of behaviors from the pod such as breaching, tail slapping, and high-speed jumping. We found our Humpback Whale from the morning trip, swimming around in the same region. It gave us consistent tail-flukes, and after a while, we had a second, larger Humpback Whale join in on the fun. It looked like the two whales were heading off to feed when we left them, so I’m hoping that we get lucky again tomorrow with another day of Humpback Whale sightings. There are lots of spots open, so fill them up and come have a blast of fun with us!

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